OpenStack Identity (Keystone )token 表性能优化,增加索引

OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
Keystone causing high mySQL usage

Doug Schaapveld (djschaap) wrote on 2013-11-06: #15
+1 for adding an index. My grizzly test environment was completely unstable (many services had begun to intermittently time out – error 504) due to slow keystone response. Doing a simple “SELECT COUNT(*) FROM token” would take nearly a minute (approximately 80,000 rows; the oldest expiration date was only 9 days ago). After I created an index (“ALTER TABLE token ADD INDEX IX_token_expires (expires);”), that same select query returned instantly. I’m only on migration 22.
Dolph Mathews (dolph) wrote on 2013-11-20: #16
This was fixed in 2879d42d by migration 24, which adds an index to `token.expires`
Changed in keystone:
ALTER TABLE token ADD INDEX IX_token_expires (expires);



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